john-pictureI have been working in wood for over 40 years. I started doing renovations and carpentry and then entered the furniture design and build program at Sheridan College. I graduated from there in 1982 and set up a woodworking practice. I was a member of a cooperative studio in Toronto for a number of years until 1988 when my wife Barbara Walker [a weaver], and I moved to the Millbrook area in Ontario.  Here we bought a house and I established a workshop. This is where we made our home and have raised three wonderful, now grown children.


My work over these years has been wide-ranging. I have designed and built furniture, both speculative and on commission for residential, corporate and public clients.  My practice has also involved working from architects’ and designers’ plans for extensive cabinet work. Sometimes mixed into this were repairs to neighbours’ furniture.

A recent creative adventure of mine has been the making of carved and painted panels of landscapes. Though new, they are a continuation of work I had done on wooden box lids about 15 years ago. They are plywood panels carved with both mechanical and manual tools and painted with acrylics.